Benefits of Using an Attorney Answering Service

By Author: Jacques Habra

There are a number of benefits to be had when using an attorney answering service. After all, attorneys receive calls at all times of the day and night and usually from new and existing clients in immediate need. It’s unrealistic to think that you can dedicate someone to the sole task of serving as an in-house attorney answering service. This is where a legal answering service and answering services can benefit your business. Here are some of the key benefits to hiring an attorney answering service for your law firm.

The last thing you want for your firm is to miss phone calls from potential and existing clients in need of immediate legal services. For this purpose, an attorney answering service is the best way to manage the call volume coming into your firm on a regular basis. Many firms use specialty answering services during after-hours periods, when there is no one in the office to actually pick up the phone.

However, many firms are now seeing the value in using an attorney answering service during regular business hours as well. This is because in most cases, employees could be completing a host of other tasks instead of simply sitting in front of a phone, taking down initial consultation information. Moreover, a legal answering service and answering services that specialize in working with law firms know exactly what information to get from callers so that the message is routed through the proper channels. For this reason, working with an attorney answering service not only gives your firms employees flexibility and convenience, but a legal answering service and answering services specializing in legal practices also increase overall efficiency.

After hours, a professional answering service becomes even more vital to the success of your business. After all, when do many people solicit the services of an attorney? Usually after the close of regular business hours; and you don’t want to turn away clients in need of your services because they were relegated to leaving a message on a voicemail that won’t be checked until the following morning. In most instances, those clients will simply call around until they find a firm with an attorney answering service that can provide immediate assistance. Alternatively, you don’t want to spend your time calling back a bunch of messages that could have feasibly waited until the next day. A specialty answering service can get the right information to help you make the distinction between those cases that are truly emergencies and those that can wait until the next business day.

Every attorney feels, and rightfully so, that their time is valuable. This can also be said for the time that staff spends contributing to various cases. To maintain a high level of efficiency amongst your legal staff, consider hiring an attorney answering service to outsource some of the important, but tedious tasks of answering phone calls and getting new client information. In the end, you will free up your support staff to assist with current and new clients and you can now rely on a specialty answering service to take care of your incoming calls for you.

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